Online marathons and blended learning in Skill Cup for Cardif insurance products
September 2020
Insurance company "Cardif" carries out its sales through a network of external partners (banks, insurance brokers, car manufacturers, dealer holdings, realtors). Therefore, one of the key tasks of the company is the timely support of partners' employees and training them in the product line, sales technologies, and interaction with customers. In this "Cardif" helps Skill Cup, which, in combination with other training formats, gives the maximum result.

By Irina Melnikova, Distance Learning Manager, Sales Department
Cardif is an international insurance company. Part of the French holding "BNP Paribas Cardif", the world leader in banking insurance. Cardif's business model differs markedly from that of other insurance companies. The company does not have its own agent network and sales offices; the company's products are sold through partners, that is, not directly. The interaction of the insurance company with the Client, therefore, is built mainly through remote channels. For example, in the event of an insured event, the Client has the opportunity to declare it through the company's website.


When we launch new products or make changes to the current ones, we need to tell about them very quickly to a large number of partners and employees, teach them how to sell these products, and make sure that employees have mastered this material. To do this, we were looking for an accessible and modern training format.

A task

To solve this problem,
we chose Skill Cup
The main advantage of the platform is that you can very quickly, within just one day, launch training on the partner's federal network.
«Something has just changed, and bam!
- it's already in Skill Cup»

Availability and modernity

Employees can be engaged in training at any time, because the application is on their phone. And this was one of the most important requirements for the platform - information should always be "at hand" and presented in a form familiar to generations y and z. It is now more customary to work and study on the phone - in it employees spend most of their time on work and personal matters.
Skill Cup does not need to be configured. This is a ready-to-use "box" solution in which you just add educational content. Even someone who has never studied online at all can understand the interface. Any coach will only need a couple of hours to figure it out and translate the face-to-face training into an online training format.


«We very rarely encounter technical difficulties or the fact that students do not understand where to click or how to use a particular assignment format. This is also a big plus for Skill Cup»
We publish content
in the app daily
We try to interact with our partners on a daily basis through Skill Cup. In addition to training and educational content, we post market news, ratings of employees on sales of our and internal products in the application, publish open questions to collect feedback on our work, and much, much more.


We publish separate cards where we mark the most active users of the month, the best in duels, the best in training.


We always try to involve our partners themselves, so that they also share their latest news and materials in Skill Cup.


Every day we select interesting articles and useful cases, which we publish in the Feed. Thanks to this, the employee receives the necessary amount of practical knowledge in micro portions every day.
We started using Skill Cup in a blended learning format. Previously, a trainer spent a lot of time on offline trainings to talk about the conditions of the product, its features - this took up to 40% of the time of the entire training! As a result, there was not much time left to practice sales skills.

What have we done. The part of the training that is related to theory was transferred to the Skill Cup and before the training we began to assign a task in the form of training. After that, they began to assign a post-training task in the form of one more training - already to develop sales skills.

Each of these workouts consists of a different format of cards: there is video, audio, memos that can be saved to your phone; "Secret" task, analysis of cases for the selection of products, verification test questions.

Mixing online and offline formats

completed the entire module (2 tasks and face-to-face training / webinar)

did not complete the training at all

passed just a part of the module


    «The employees who have completed the entire module have already significantly increased in the sales of our products this month. We also tested various hypotheses.

    For example, that the employees of the 1st group and without training sold better than the employees of the 2nd and 3rd groups. The hypothesis was not confirmed. It turned out that a month before training, group 1 was worse than group 2 based on sales results. This only increased the value of the project!»
    Irina Melnikova,
    Distance Learning Manager, Sales Department
    As a result, we saw a noticeable impact on sales! How did we evaluate the result? We divided employees into three groups:
      Even in May, despite the quarantine and a strong decline in sales of financial products, group 1 in comparison with other control groups "sank" in efficiency the least.
        With one of our partners, we launched a 7-day online marathon on one of our updated mortgage protection products - A Week with Cardif. Every morning, employees were notified of a new assignment, and they went through it over a cup of coffee. All tasks were interconnected and logically built.

        For example, at the beginning we showed a simple video about changes in products → training → advice on working in the program → training → several cases → sales training → final test for consolidating the material.

        The marathon was limited in time. For each completed task, we assigned points; by the end of the marathon, an employee could score 10 points - for which he received a certificate.

        Held an online marathon

        Results of the marathon
        As a result, we got a very high involvement of the partner's employees:


        employees participated
        employees completed the task every day in Skill Cup



        employees reached the end of the online marathon
        After the marathon, we offered to fill out a feedback form. All participants answered that the format is cool and ready to participate further. In the future, when launching an important and large-scale training, we will definitely do it in the format of such marathons.
        We can see that training in the Skill Cup affects sales, and the results of the changes can be seen during the month.

        We also regularly poll our partners: how much they like the application. Now the average rating is 4.9 out of 5. Many recommend the application to their colleagues, they themselves are happy to use it now and will continue to use it.

        Skill Cup learning outcomes

        They began to trust us more. We are seen as an insurance company that offers innovative solutions. People turn to us for advice. Our partners with the help of Skill Cup began to solve their own problems.
        average app score of employees of one of the partners
        4,9 out of 5
        Tips for those who are just starting to teach
        in Skill Cup
        Show value, don't coerce
        We do not want to force employees to take our training. Therefore, we try to present it from the point of view of benefits for each employee in the format of short and clear communications. And we also try to involve the direct managers of these employees in training, so that at all levels it is clear what exactly we are teaching, what is the value of training and how to control the application of knowledge.


        There must be a responsible employee
        Who will develop and maintain "life" in the Skill Cup: interact with coaches, prepare materials, administer the application. Skill Cup requires constant involvement. Perhaps at some point your content will no longer be of interest to employees. Therefore, it is important to monitor and collect feedback on a regular basis, which is pleasant and beneficial, and quickly adapt to the audience.


        Prepare a content plan
        Build your content placement logic. Launched a large article - make a verification question or case to consolidate the material. We started a training session - start a duel after a while, so that employees have the opportunity to check and consolidate knowledge in a playful way.


        Engage employees
        Run ratings, contests, or even just publish the names of the most active employees. So they will follow such publications with great interest.


        Don't put hard limits
        Everything is available anywhere and anytime. Even when we ran a limited-time marathon, we offered our employees several formats for passing it at once: if you want, study the material at the time of receiving the assignment, if you want it in the evening, if you want it once every three days, etc.