How BMW accelerated newbies onboarding with microlearning
February 2019
Since every dealership is an organization with its own corporate culture and values, it is especially important from the first day of work to create a sense of belonging to the BMW Group brands in the employee, to acquaint the employee with the history of the concern, the model range, standards of behavior, and interesting facts.

The dealer network employees are the brand representatives who present the product and communicate the BMW values directly to the customers. This determined the relevance of the project.

It was necessary to find such a format for delivering information to new employees, which would allow for the most interactive, quick and convenient assimilation of the material.

A task

Traditionally, adaptation was built on the basis of the interaction of a mentor and an employee, as well as using various printed materials, booklets, information guides, which describe the history of the brand, the lineup, and so on.

We were faced with the fact that printed materials are often not viewed by our new employees. That is why we were looking for some kind of digital solution that would allow the most accessible, convenient and interactive communication of information about our brand to new employees.
Anna Osadchenko
Sales Channel Development Qualification and Training Center HR Retail Specialist BMW Group
Personnel adaptation via a mobile application
«Fast and high-quality adaptation directly affects whether the employee remains in the company or not, and the company's revenue depends on the speed at which a newcomer enters the working regime. How mobile learning can speed up this process»,

says Anna Osadchenko, BMW Group
Immersion in the history of the company, its values and lineup.
Helps the employee
All material is divided into small parts, allowing you to study complex topics in parts.
Doesn't distract from work
In case of difficulties, you can always open the application and find the answer to the desired question.
Always at hand
Mobile adaptation in Skill Cup does not scare you with a complicated interface and looks more like familiar applications.
Familiar and comfortable
During adaptation, the newcomer does not feel lonely - he can fight a duel and see other new employees respond.
In the company of other newcomers
An employee studies new material on the way to work, over coffee, in between jobs.
From anywhere
The microlearning format perfectly suited the tasks of BMW Group: small portions of content in various formats (from texts to videos and tests) that employees could study on their smartphones.

It was irrational to create such a complex product on our own. Therefore, the solution was launched on the basis of the ready-made Skill Cup platform. Skill Cup consists of mobile applications for iOS and Android smartphones and an administrative web part for creating and managing content.

Content (texts, photos, videos) that previously existed in a scattered form was adapted to the interactive formats of the platform. Each of the employees received personal access to the application and training content.

The main focus is on creating such material that would be really interesting to users. For example, for the first time, an employee can find the history of each BMW model in one place.

How does it work?

We managed to transform an array of information into really interesting interactive content. A variety of videos, infographic and scribing videos were developed from the raw material. Our partners from Skill Cup also helped us in all this.
Anna Osadchenko
Sales Channel Development Qualification and Training Center HR Retail Specialist BMW Group
Employee onboarding management
Skill Cup works on the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, that is, it does not require complex integration with other IT systems of the client, and is ready to work immediately after gaining access to the platform. BMW Group Russia remains the most important thing - the creation of content and its placement on the platform for employee access. For this, only three people were enough.
The main customer and executor of the project (internally called BMW Start) on the part of BMW Group Russia was the Qualification and Training Center - a structural unit of the dealer network development department. It was he who took over all the functions of implementing the tool and creating content.
«Today we see that employees who come to our training center for the first time after the end of the probationary period are already quite well aware of the history of our concern, the model range, and some unique technologies of our brands»,

says Anna Osadchenko, BMW Group

Since the launch of the application, the total number of application users has reached 1,500 employees. This means that every third dealership employee is now a user of the BMW Start app. The increase in active users in the first 3 months of the project was 120%. More than 60% of users return to the app every day.

After BMW Group assessed the positive impact of the application implementation and the real interest on the part of employees, it was decided to include the study of some application blocks in the training process for employees of dealerships.

The company sees the potential for the development of this application. There are plans to add new content, new sections and more active interaction between employees.