How AVON increased the average check by 20% using microlearning
August, 2019

Briefly about the results

What effect did we get from the introduction of mobile learning

Increase in average
order size
Increase in the frequency of ordering products,
presented in training courses
Today Avon is one of the most successful direct selling cosmetics companies in the world with millions of Representatives in 100 countries worldwide, numerous perfume and cosmetics awards and more than 133 years of history.

About the project

«The previous solutions used in Avon did not meet all the required parameters. It was necessary to find a new solution that would allow the company to make a qualitative leap in the process of training Representatives»
Avon Russia has hundreds of thousands of Representatives across the country. With so many Representatives, who cannot be gathered at one time and in one place, it is extremely difficult to establish a single centralized information system.

AVON request

When choosing a solution, the following points were important for us. First, so that learning materials can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Secondly, so that it is not necessary to teach users how to work with the tool, and to make this process as clear as possible for them. Third, it is critical that we have the ability to quickly create content and quickly distribute it to Representatives.
Artyom Fisher,
Digital Training Manager Avon Russia
What to tell Representatives about so that their sales grow, and most importantly, how to build this process so that it becomes part of cooperation? - issues of vital importance to the company.
Avon's request was simple and complex at the same time - to find a modern distance learning tool that:
Allows you to train hundreds of thousands of people
There are no big problems with the first point. There are enough services and platforms on the market for training employees for every taste, color and wallet.
It will be, at the same time, the most convenient for everyone
With the second, everything is much more complicated. Most of the systems on the market involve training employees in the office, through a desktop computer or in a group format, are limited in the formats for presenting training materials, are difficult to use, have an outdated user interface, or suffer from all these "ailments" at once.
Ease of learning is not just a wish, but a practical necessity. Avon coordinators are, in fact, self-employed entrepreneurs, self-managing their time, choosing their own approach to clients. That is why training should be such that it can be done at a convenient time and place - ideally, combining with work and applying the knowledge gained in practice.

No wonder a smartphone came to the rescue. For the vast majority of people, it today serves as a full-fledged substitute for a computer: it has everything you need to work, from mail and a calculator, to applications for organizing group calls and video presentations. It would be logical to add a training application to this list.

training in Skill Cup

Skill Cup advantages

Immersion in the history of the company, its values and lineup.
Helps the representative
All material is divided into small parts, allowing you to study complex topics in parts.
Doesn't distract from work
In case of difficulties, you can always open the application and find the answer to the desired question.
Always at hand
Mobile adaptation in Skill Cup does not scare you with a complicated interface and looks more like familiar applications.
Familiar and comfortable
During adaptation, the representative does not feel lonely - he can fight a duel and see other new employees respond.
In the company of other representatives
A representative studies new material on the way to work, over coffee, in between jobs.
From anywhere

Skill Cup was designed to help with three main tasks:


Onboarding of new Representatives
Most often, a new Representative gets to know the company through another person, the Coordinator, and does not come for an interview. Avon does not have the opportunity to walk everyone around the office and explain everything personally, but making it feel like belonging to a large and influential company is important. In a distance learning format, this can be done by telling the story of the company using photos and videos, explaining the objectives and principles, and showing a commitment to common goals. It is also important to talk about the benefits that a person will receive from cooperation with Avon, and how to achieve it.


Introduction to the product line
It is almost impossible to tell in detail about each product from the Avon catalog due to their large number, but it is quite possible to offer general information by category and regularly pay attention to new products.


Avon Coordinators are entrepreneurs who handle most of the business processes of regular companies, with the exception of product manufacturing and delivery. This means that the Coordinator is looking for new customers, develops and maintains relationships with them, talks about existing products and suggests new ones. Avon is committed to educating its Coordinators in the processes of building a business and attracting clients, and working with feedback from them.
Sales training and customer interaction
«In less than 3 months we have created more than 400 workouts, which is a very high figure. Skill Cup allowed not to be distracted by formatting, image processing, layout and more. It became possible to fully concentrate on the meaning of learning»

Skill Cup launch stages

Planning the learning process
Microlearning involves breaking up large volumes into small meaningful, complete chunks.


Content creation in Skill Cup constructor
The content is created in a convenient editor, in which, like in a constructor, you can quickly assemble the necessary training units of different formats: audio and video, photos, tests and cases, long texts and short references. Working with the editor is simple: you can create materials in 5-7 minutes.


User registration and support
Users download Skill Cup app in the AppStore and Google Play and enter the closed space AVON.


Evaluation of productivity and results
Representatives are now involved in training and each gets individual access to the training that he needs. This increases the effectiveness of training each individual Representative.


Feedback from students

Most of the reviews were positive. The simplicity of the Skill Cup and the mechanics familiar to social media users make it possible to minimize the technical barrier even for the older generation. Users compared the platform with a small but irreplaceable assistant, with which all the necessary information is in quick access and right in your pocket.
More about the results
The official launch of the new training format for Representatives took place in January 2019.

Speeding up content creation

The project team developed a new strategy, content structure and began preparing it. The information was checked, changed based on user reactions, supplemented. The old content has been reworked and updated, which turned out to be useful even outside the cooperation with Skill Cup. In addition, it made it possible to achieve better segmentation of training at different levels.
For the purity of the experiment, the platform was not "rolled out" to all representatives. From a limited audience, we selected those who are actively learning and actively placing orders, and compared with those who actively place orders, but do not learn through Skill Cup. Measurements showed that the size of orders from students is 20% higher.

Growth in order size

Impact on shopping frequency

We also measured the correlation between the appearance of information about the product and its sales. That is, whether learning about a novelty, such as a new lipstick, will affect how often Representatives order it. Recent studies have shown that a product from a training course is purchased 4% more often.