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A mobile learning platform
that can teach anyone anything
A revolution in learning
Life now revolves around smartphones

Nowadays people spend an average of five hours a day on their smartphones.*
Chats, photos, maps, taxis, and money have all moved to your smartphone.

Skill Cup lets you learn anything on your smartphone and transforms learning into a daily process that's fun and easy.
* According to research conducted by Flurry in 2017
Bite-sized learning
Modern people aren't willing to spend a lot of time taking classes. Learning with Skill Cup doesn't take any time at all because it fills in the micro-gaps we all have: waiting in traffic, in line for coffee, or on the subway.
Configured for each user
Skill Cup is a "smart" app that configures itself for every user individually. Everyone is different, so Skill Cup teaches every user based on their age, place of residence, occupation, desire for self-improvement, and other factors.
Game mechanics and gamification
Skill Cup makes learning fun and easy - 87% of people learn with Skill Cup voluntarily in their free time.
Create eye-catching courses in minutes
You used to have to be an expert, take specialized programs, or order courses from professionals, but thanks to Skill Cup these things are no longer necessary.

You can create an eye-catching mobile training session in just ten minutes by yourself and without any special knowledge.
Skill Cup is a universal mobile online course creator
Interval learning methodology
Skill Cup is based on fundamental research into the cognitive functions of the human brain.

It has been scientifically proven that just one day after absorbing a piece of information a single time we remember only half of what we have learned, and after 30 days we remember only 10%.

Learning small quantities of information on a regular basis and actively using the information you have learned is much more effective at creating long-term memories than simple repetition.
Full control over learning
The built-in statistics system allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your own learning process and see how people learn the things that interest them, what kind of content they're missing, and which content people are really excited about.
The platform is used by the world's most advanced organizations
Retail chains
Telecom companies
Insurance companies
Oil and gas giants
International sporting event planners
Grammar schools
MBA programs
Small and medium-sized business
State-owned companies
Where people are learning with Skill Cup
Affordable for small companies, profitable for large ones.
Special prices are available for non-profits and schools
* Unfortunately, we do not respond to requests from private email addresses
Runs on all mobile devices
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Unfortunately, we do not respond to requests from private email addresses
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